Heal for Health and Wellness

Provides an immersive, distraction-free, personal meditation space conducive to meditation.

360° sounds and low frequency vibrations safely transport and drop you into meditation.

Short meditation sessions & courses designed to relieve stress, depression, anxiety and physical pain.

The Heal Experience

  • Relax into a comfortable seated posture.
  • Settle into your distraction-free space.
  • Set your intention for the practice.
  • Select a track aligned to your intention.
  • Drop into meditation in just 3 minutes.

Value to Recovery and Wellness Centers.

Seamless program integration

The seamless client "intake to exit" process integration enables the recovery center clinician, therapists and nursing staff to efficiently manage and track client schedules. Follow the detailed process flow and prescriptive recommended Heal Pod usage for maximum value from each meditation session. The Heal client program integration is designed with minimal overhead on any of the clinical or backoffice staff.

Progress tracking

Secure online Heal portal for clinicians, therapists and psychologists to track and monitor client daily, weekly and monthly usage and trends. This helps Recovery centers to monitor total minutes of usage and identify client preferences in meditation. Even with the ability to track incomplete meditation sessions for deeper understanding on why certain sessions resonate with clients. This helps better the client-counselor relationship.

Evidence based therapy

In the studies we conducted, there was a significant reduction in the heart rate variability (HRV) in clients over continued meditation inside the Heal Pod. When connected to HeartMath monitors, we noticed almost immediate increased coherence at the beginning of each sound meditation session. Over a time period of consistently meditating inside the Heal Pod, client coherence was 34% higher than before they used Heal Pod.

Facilitates long term recovery

Introspection and meditation inside the Heal Pod facilitates a stronger client/therapist bond - These lead to more breakthroughs in conversations that otherwise are more difficult and in most cases difficult to facilitate. Reviewing client journals helps empower the client to improve quality of life and recover for the long term.

What people are saying about their Heal experience

"Manifest sense of security"

The different frequency bells, gongs and sounds were soul comforting.

"Felt powerful inner vibrations"

Happy, lively energizing colors & good, subtle smells. Trasported to Burning Man

"Calm my mind down quickly"

Almost impossible to not focus and meditate while inside.

"Allowed my mind to let go"

Was able to relax my body and put my mind at ease.

"Quiet time to myself"

I am able to sit still and not fidget or get distracted by people/things around me.

"Powerful positive emotions"

Ability to send myself love for giving the time to focus on me.

"Tranquility & calmness"

The meditation was very powerful from the start to end.

"I am floating"

No other form of meditation takes me to this state of feeling lightweight and pure.

"Silently still with myself"

Allowed me to achieve a pleasing vibrational resonance.

"Physical sense of well-being"

Physical experience of sounds in my body as opposed to simply hearing sounds makes this space special.

"Turn up the vibrations"

I feel the physical healing with the sound waves working on me from the inside out.

"Sounds are all around me"

Hearing the sounds coming from all directions in the space made me feel safe and connected to mother earth.

"Calm and collected"

First time meditating - didn't think it was going to be this easy, effortless and calming.

"Feel the love and light"

As a sound healer, I can say this space is sacred, pure and full of energy to alter mnid and physical state, so long as you believe.

"Visions of greatness"

Took me back to the same state of mind as that I experience at the sacred Vivekananda rock in India.

"I realize my full potential"

The rhythms and 3D sound synchronizes my heart and mind to realize my desires.

"Found love"

Inspired to love and find love in ways I didn't think possible thanks to the guided healing sessions inside the Heal Pod.

"Vibrational therapy works"

Energizes my body from the root up.


Was able to sit without distractions even with my hyperactive child with me.

"Can't stop at 1"

Despite my stress at school, I felt comforted and wanted to do more than just 1 session.

"Focus on my breathing"

I've finally been able to focus on my breathing.

"In complete harmony"

We were able to align and harmonize our breathing, and we didn't even have to try.

"No fidgeting"

For the first time my son was able to sit queitly without TV or playing video games.


Envigorating all my senses and better than the way sound healing affects me.

"Mindful stillness"

Amazed at how effortless it was to be able to sit mindfully still.

"Tuned in to my thoughts"

Tuning inwards made me take the me time to introspect for a much needed 15 mins peace in my busy day with kids.

"Healing in waves"

Felt the waves from the sounds, healing me with every bell and sound I heard and felt.

"Opened my heart chakra"

Heart chakra affirmation worked. Amazed that this was even possible!

"Overwhelming peace"

Settled into a sense of wellbeing, peace and happiness.

"Vibrational therapy works"

Energizes my body from the root up.

"Manifest calmness"

Ability for the affirmations to get me calm in such a short time, after a long stressful day was unbelievable.

"Teleported me to peace"

The didgeridoo made me realize how I was transported to a trip I took to an amazing trip to Peru 2 years ago.

"Vibrational therapy works"

Energizes my body from the root up.


Therapy through journaling

"Relaxed focused awareness"

"Physical experience of sounds"

"Anxiety relieving and pleasant"

"Altered state of acceptance"


"Powerful, calming & soothing"

"I saw Angel wings"

"Smiling ear to ear"

Powerful, calming & soothing

"Comforting and nourishing"

"Medicine shield"

"Increased healing in waves"

"Deep and delightful"

"My breathing"

"Dosage of relaxation "


Leadership Team

Mahesh Natrajan.
Founder & CEO

Computer engineer, innovator, yoga and meditation teacher. Manifested "Heal" during a deep transformative awakening as way to enable and inspire introspection and self-inquiry for self and now others.

Greg Maloney.
Director of Experience

Hollywood film & music industry veteran with a degree from the prestigious UMass Sound recording program. He’s worked with Hollywood bigwigs, Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman. Epic story teller creating surreal immersive experiences at Heal.

Roshni Patel.
Product Design

Designed home furnishings and weaving her meditation experience into the visual and tactile designs for Heal that delight, educate and inspire.

Lisa Williams.

World-renowned medium, spiritual teacher, and accomplished author on mediumship and spirituality. She also runs the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.

Ray Kallmeyer.

Entrepreneur, patent author, featured artist, and public speaker. In 2016, Ray founded Enklu and deployed the first wave of enterprise applications for immersive reality devices for Fortune 500 organizations around the globe.